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Vol. 8, Special Issue 1, February 2020

Investigation of Physical Parameters Influencing Composting Using Effective Micorobe’s

Aiswarya C, Ananthakrishnan A, Divya Chandran, Dr.Resmi G

Modelling of Operating Speed in Horizontal Alignment of Two-Lane Rural Highway

Dona Joy, Jisha Akkara, Anitha Jacob

Effect of Road Geometry on Driver Eye Blink Rate

Jisha Akkara, Anitha Jacob, Subaida E A

Economic Analysis of Congestion –A Case Study

I.P.Malavika, Vincy Verghese

Influence of Pavement Condition on Headway and Average Travel Speed

Silpa Sekhar G, Vincy Verghese

Evaluation of Current Design Practices for Horizontal Curves on Rural Highways Based on Vehicle Stability and Safety

Y K Remya, Anitha Jacob, E A Subaida

A Survey on Malware Analysis

C. Reshma, Smithamol M B

Disease Detection in Spinach Leaves using Image Processing and Machine Learning

Akshara R Sankar, Sneha S

An Overview about QoS Improvement by Enhanced ACO in Hybrid and Reactive Routing Protocols in MANET

Anila.V K, Dr.Asha.T S

A Survey on Image Captioning Techniques using Deep Learning

Hamdha Sherief, Bincy K, Arathi M, Surabhi C, Rafeeque P C

Analysis and Design of Artificial Intelligence System for the Prediction of Pulmonary Diseases

Alfy Anaz, Bexy Benny, Dimple Babu, Elizabeth Joshy, Cerene Mariam Abraham

Automatic Traffic Control Signal System

Neena M K, Manju M S, Alakananda T N, Salima K.S, Krishnapriya T U, Devika P G            

Classification and Feature Extraction of Alzheimer’s from Structural MRI

Anitta V J, Mohamed Salih K K

A Survey on Smart Hydroponics for Sustainable Agriculture

Femina.K, P. Nandakumar

High Speed and Low Area FIR Filter Implementation Based on Dadda Multiplier Design

Irshadali CM, Asmabi V

Trends in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Techniques

Krishna M, Job Chunkath

Sports Video Classification – A Review

Narayana Naik P, Prof. Nishil Kumar P.P

MMSE Adaptive Beam Forming Algorithms for WCDMA Mobile Communication System

Shibila T M, Abdul Rias P

Dynamic Key Based Encryption Scheme in Wireless Communication System

Vismaya M, Job Chunkath

Machine Learning for Detection and Classification of Fetal Brain Abnormalities: A Review

Seethal Sasindran, P.Nandakumar

Detection of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Thasni V S, Subhija E N

Wireless Sensor Network for Industry 4.0

Vinod K, Kanika Sharma

Trends in Acoustic Feedback Suppression Methods

Harsha K K, Premanand B

Performance Analysis of 13 Level Multilevel Inverter for PV Application

Ashly George, T G Sanishkumar

Bi-Directional Power Flow Water Pumping Using UVT Generation Technique

Aswathi Aravind, Anil Kumar V M

Bidirectional Single Stage Three Phase AC-DC Converter

Keerthi N S, Leesha Paul

Simulation of A Solar Powered Water Pumping System Using Induction Motor

Unnima Unnikrishnan, Aneesh V A

Performance Comparison of Cuk and M-Cuk Converter on SRM Drive System

Swetha Ravi, Leesha Paul

Solar Powered BLDC Fed Air Cooling System

Sajena Basheer A L, K.N Chandra Bose

ZVT Interleaved Boost Converter

Nipuna K V, Tony Thomas

Water Consumption Control and Quality Monitoring System

Dr Jayalakshmi B, A Nandhan, Vishnu P, Akhil Chidambaram R, Thasna S

Control of Automation in Filling Process through Smartphone

Basil Salman C K, Shahil, Rahul Krishnan H, Shafeen K N, Dhanya Raveendran

Sustainable Method of CNG Production Using Carbon Dioxide and Water

Dr. Vinod V, Mohamed Saheer Marakathel

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Sic, Fly-Ash Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Hybrid Composites

Maraparambil Ramachandran, Dr. K.K.Padmanabhan

Identification of Peak Hours of Noise Pollution at Sensitive Locations of Kasaragod District: Impact, Analysis and Control Measures

Solomon Joseph, Jais Jacob, Adarsh K.P, M. Chandrakumar

Exergy Based Analysis of Gas Liquefaction Cycles

Sijo K K, Rijo Jacob Thomas

Cellular Manufacturing System Design for Multi-Objective Criteria using Meta heuristic Approach

Satheesan M.P, Dr. S.S. Banwait

Skill Development of Polytechnic College Students Through Project-based Learning (PBL), with Special Reference to the ‘Formula Maruti Car Project’ of Department of Automobile Engineering, Government Polytechnic College, Attingal, Kerala

Premjith P, Preetha P.S

Enhancement of Spectral Efficiency in LTE-Advanced Network through Fractional Frequency Reuse

Kannan M, Jayakrishnaraj G

Measurement and Comparison of the Total Response of Bio-fuelled CI Engine with & without an additive


Trailer Tow-Bar with Tilting and Anti-Rolling Provision

A.V. Sivasubramaniyan

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