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Most Cited, Cited

Agricultural crop yield prediction using artificial neural network approach

SS Dahikar, SV Rode

265 2014
Hyper spectral image classification using dimensionality reduction techniques

B Alhayani, H Ilhan

100 2017
A Review: extraction of solar cell modelling parameters

R Tamrakar, A Gupta

57 2015
Microcontroller based automatic waste segregator

MK Pushpa, A Gupta, SM Shaikh, S Jha, V Suchitra

49 2015
Image processing in agriculture

M Latha, A Poojith, BA Reddy, GV Kumar

48 2014
Comparative study of different feeding techniques for rectangular microstrip patch antenna

A Arora, A Khemchandani, Y Rawat, S Singhai, G Chaitanya

47 2015
Recognition of vehicle number plate using matlab

R Bhat, B Mehandia

47 2014
Electronic shopping cart for effective shopping based on RFID

K Dawkhar, S Dhomase, S Mahabaleshwarkar

42 2015
PID tuning rules for first order plus time delay systemDT Korsane, V Yadav, KH Raut 42 2014
Brain tumor detection using MRI images

PB Kanade, PP Gumaste

40 2015
Mppt algorithms: Extracting maximum power from wind turbines

SS Mali, BE Kushare

38 2013
Smart gas cylinder using embedded system

KP Priya, M Surekha, R Preethi, T Devika, N Dhivya

33 2014
A review of defected ground structure (DGS) in microwave design

C Garg, M Kaur


32 2014
Contrast enhancement of brain MRI images using histogram based techniques

PV Oak, RS Kamathe

30 2013
Application of MADM algorithms to network selection

KSS Anupama, SS Gowri, BP Rao, P Rajesh

30 2015
Embedded based vehicle speed control system using wireless technology

K Govindaraju, S Boopathi, FP Ahmed, ST Ram, M Jagadeeshraja

29 2014
Automation in rationing system using arm 7

AN Madur, S Nayse

27 2013
A review paper on brain tumor segmentation and detection

M Patil, M Pawar, M Patil, A Nichal

27 2013
Performance evaluation of fuzzy logic and PID controller for liquid level process

H Kala, D Deepakraj, P Gopalakrishnan, P Vengadesan, MK

24 2014
Real Time Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Using Arduino and Xbee S2

VS Kale, RD Kulkarni

23 2016
A survey on ECG signal feature extraction and analysis techniques

NK Dewangan, SP Shukla

23 2015
Comparative Analysis of scalar & vector control of Induction motor through Modeling & Simulation

PK Behera, MK Behera, AK Sahoo

23 2014
Performance study of transmission line Ferranti effect and fault simulation model using MATLAB

BN Mali, PM Aglawe, SA Mane, M Shakya

19 2016
Simulation of incremental conductance MPPT algorithm for PV systems using LabVIEW

P Srinivas, KV Lakshmi, C Ramesh

19 2016
Optimal location and sizing of generator in distributed generation system

R Priya, S Prakash, G Kumari, ZR Khan, K Singh

19 2014
Design of cuk converter with mppt technique

SR Chafle, UB Vaidya, ZJ Khan

19 2013
Garbage and Street Light Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

RM Sahu, A Godase, P Shinde, R Shinde

18 2016
Voice recognition and voice navigation for blind using GPS

M Bansode, S Jadhav, A Kashyap

18 2015
Implementation of maritime border alert system

M Sivaramaganesh, M Ramya, V Gowtham, T Bharathi, G Jeevitha

18 2014
Comparison of tuning methods of PID controllers for FOPTD system

KM Hussain, RAR Zepherin, MS Kumar

18 2014
Computation of sensitive node for IEEE-14 bus system subjected to load variation

PR Sharma, RK Ahuja, S Vashisth, V Hudda

17 2014
Solar powered led streetlight with automatic intensity control

AS Anees, AC Anupriya, S Dubey, S Verma

17 2013
Optimal dispatch of active and reactive power using cuckoo search method

GR Goyal, HD Mehta

16 2015
An overview of NFLE

O Farooq, T Rahman, MBB Heyat, MM Siddiqui, F Akhtar

15 2016
Design and Simulation of MEMS Piezoresistive pressure sensor to improve the Sensitivity

US Kumar, NJ Babu

14 2015
Medical image compression using hybrid techniques of DWT, DCT and Huffman coding

T Kumar, R Kumar

14 2015
Performance analysis of rectangular patch antenna for different substrate heights

V Hanumante, P Bhattacharjee, S Roy, P Chakraborty, S Maity

14 2014
Performance evaluation of PFC boost converters

M Asim, H Parveen, MA Mallick, A Siddiqui

13 2015
Performance Analysis of PID Tuning Techniques based on Time Response specification

KH Raut, SR Vaishnav

13 2014
A survey on cloud computing security threats and vulnerabilities

SVK Kumar, S Padmapriya

13 2014
The Real Time Hardware Design to Automatically Monitor and Control Light and Temperature

D Pande, JS Chauhan, N Parihar

13 2013
Functions of kidney & artificial kidneys

M Raghavendra, M Vidya

13 2013
Performance of Feed on Dual Frequency Antenna in Ka-Band

M Sekhar, P Siddaiah


12 2014

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