International Journal of Innovative Research in                 Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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Since 2013

The IJIREEICE Journal has good impact factor and Fast response journal too. I had splendid experience while publishing my paper. My sincere thanks to chief editors to sort and clarify our issues.

Tunji John Erinle
It is a splendid job you are doing in ijireeice. I give kudos to excellent job done. Keep it up and move to higher level. Thanks with warm regards.

Nikhyda N
We would like to thank for the Care that has been taken to revise our paper work as well as communicating the reviews and acknowledge as fast as possible.

Mohamed Rahman
I appreciate you cooperation for the quick response in performing the paper’s modification and your concern with sincerity. I profoundly grateful to your journal (IJIREEICE) and the group working in it.
Thanks a lot in advance, for choosing my paper in your Testimonials web page.

Er. Maninder Singh
“It was a great experience publishing my research articles in your reputed journal. 
The constructive review report from the expert reviewers helped me much to improve my manuscript. The editorial staff of journal was very pleasant. I will love to work with your journal in future as well.

Ujjwal Ramekar
Nice to see the transparent and speedy process of IJIREEICE team. expecting the same in future.

Hritik Patil
Very convenient, glad I chose IJIREEICE, very quick service with good work.

Vishnu Sheshadri
IJIREEICE is one of the best International journal to publish our valuable research papers. The notification mails are sent on time and are conveyed effectively. The in time publication and paper review is as mentioned in their website. I am very happy that my research paper was published in this esteemed journal. The services provided after post publication is very good. Thank you.

Sarvesh Hegde
It was a good experience for me because of the speed of publishing, the affordable cost and the quick response from the team…. Thank You…

Nagateja Konidala
It was a pleasant experience. I appreciate the work of the entire team. The response of the editor to publication is great. Thank you.

Ramakrishna kavuri
Thank you very much for quick and.professional response.
You have really made the knowledge sharing platform a delightful experience.

i am very satisfied with the publication process

Akhilesh Kumar
Since,this is the first time i published a paper and by my guide i got to know about this journal IJIREEICE publishing site ,i applied my paper further process done and during this process they are so active and very well handled.Even in between some inconvenience occurred by me by they handled very well.Hence,my first experience for publish paper best because of IJIREEICE.

Experience was very good and very quick and good response from the team

IJIREEICE Journal has a good impact factor. The journal Editorial team’s good and publication process is really good. And Special thanks to the chief editor he helps us a lot. I wish this article will be the most cited in a few days with the help of the Journal team.

I would like to thank the journal authority for publishing my paper. It was a nice experience for me to work with this journal. They evaluate the paper in such a way that I can understand the scope of improvement in my writing. After accepting my paper, they were very helpful in formatting the paper in a proper format. I appreciate their process of publication and timely response in the mail. Overall, I was very happy that my paper has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

I wish for your kind response and consideration.

Sanjo Sibi Moolamkunnam
Thank you, I am so happy with this journal. Thanks a lot for publishing our paper in your journal and it is well and good.

Sudhanthira P
Good platform to publish our papers in this esteemed journal and best organisation and received good response immediately.
followed the steps and procedure the way,they layout..its good.
Thankyou for given the great opportunity to publish our paper in the best journal of your’s IJIREEICE team…

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