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   National Conference on Sustainable Development in Renewable Energy Sources and Power System Engineering

  15th and 16th May 2017

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Department of Mechanical and Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Three Way System Hybrid Vehicles Solar, Lithium-Ion Battery and Dynamo Mechanism

Deepika Lavanya N, Pooja Shree C.P, Raveena Elizabeth, Vandana G

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Level Measurement in Liquid Level Process using Multi Sensor Data Fusion

Pratiksha Rashinkar, V.S. Krushnasamy

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Comparison of CORDIC and Modified CORDIC II Algorithm

Sushma U Bhover, Meharunnisa. S. P

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A Marker Controlled Watershed Algorithm

Hemavathy Y G, S S Vidya, Dr. H N Suresh

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Efficient Power Generation by Photo Voltaic System Based MPPT with Fuzzy Controller

Manish Bharat, Anupam Halder, Prashant Tyagi, Md Zaid Khan

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Boost Derived Hybrid Converter for Simultaneous DC and AC Applications using Single DC Source Supply

Abhilash M, Dr. J Satheesh Kumar

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Design and Manufacturing of Porcelain Longrod Insulator for Improved Performance of National (U) HVDC Grid

Amiya P. Goswami

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Maximum Power Point Tracking and Programmable Output Voltage Controller for PV Systems

Chandra Shekar S, Mr. Anil Kumar Bhat

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Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power System

Jisha L K, Rubeena, Kavyashree. S, Rashmi G.R

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Maximum Power Extraction in Grid Connected DFIG Using 3 Level Diode Clamped Inverter

Abhishek Kumar, Akshneel Sharma, Arjun Kumar GB, Arun Kumar

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Power Generation from Busy Roads for the Development of Smart City

Deekshitha K, Sahana J, Pallavi N, Priyanka N

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Smart System for Hazardous Event Detection and Evaluation in Mining Industries

Praveen Kulkarni, Dr. V.G. Sangam

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Electric Power Generation using Non-Conventional Energy Resources

Mrs. Veena A.M, Rahul Biswal, Girish K.N, Anurag Deo

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New Direct Torque Control Scheme for BLDC Motor Drives Suitable for Electric Vehicle Applications

Shravani N, Navyashree N, Bhagyashree S B, Kavitha

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Medium-Term Minute Wise Wind Power Forecasting using Time Series Analysis

Dhanush M

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Design and Development of Hybrid Power Generation for Smart Grid

Darshan J, Dr. J S Rajashekar

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Design and Implementation of DC Motor Control using SCADA System

Meghana A, Greeshma R, Bhargavi G, Ashwini M

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Modelling and Performance Analysis of Neural Network Based PEM Fuel Cell

Dhanush M, Dr. V G Sangam

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MATLAB Simulation of Choppers

Anitha M, Pradeep M, Pruthviraj B G

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Solar Automatic Plant Watering System

Prajwal Kumar J

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