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 Smart and Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Sciences

 11th and 12th November 2016

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Gyan Ganga College of Technology, Jabalpur

Analysis of the Revenue Loss to the Electricity Supply Company during Parallel Operation of Two Adjacent Traction Sub-Station (TSS)

Amit Verma, Mr. Anand Goswami

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The Performance Analysis of Distribution Transformer under Domestic Harmonics Load

Amit Gupta, Ashok Soni

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Automatic Power Factor Correction Using Capacitor Banks

Utpal, Rishav, Madhu Tiwari

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Hardware Trojan Classification scheme Theory and Performance Analysis of Detection Techniques

Akanksha Dixit

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A Review on “Power Quality Improvement”

Rashika Rajput, Amit Gupta and Ashok Soni

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A Review on Forecasting Electricity Load Demand

Rashmi Mishra, Amit Gupta and Ashok Soni

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Voltage Stability Estimation of Electric Power System Using L-Index

Shashi Kumar Yadav, Ashok Soni

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A Five Level Three Phase Cascaded Inverter

Vijay Pratap Singh, Amit Gupta

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Improvement of Power System Stability Using D-Facts Controllers

Parul Vishwakarma, Prof. Shilpi Sahu

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Image Processing Based Automatic Toll Booth in Indian Conditions

Mahendra Pratap Singh, Manish Soni, Suryansh Rajpoot, Silky Pareyani

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Carbon Nanotubes in Solar Panel Technology

Arunima Sahu

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