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National Conference on Emerging Trends in Renewable Energy

 4th April 2016

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Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology, Salem


Monitoring Maize Irrigation System Using Arm Microcontroller LPC2148

T. Gayathri, R. Boomidevi, S. Ragul

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Voltage Sag Compensation Scheme for DVR using Space Vector Modulation

A. S. Kamaraja, P. Srinivasan, J. Velmurugan

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Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicle

S. Mohan, Anitha .A, Dr. R. Deepa

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Integrated Hybrid Standalone System With Bess And Power Converters For Renewable Energy Application

Sharmila, T. Kokilavani

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Design of Power Converters for Harmonics Elimination in Integrated Power Plants Using Closed Loop Power Compensators

Sowmya, K. Karthikeyan

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Solution for CEED using Hybrid (Firefly-De) Algorithm

S. Hareesh, F. Abdul Kadhar, V. Lokeshraj, U. Revanth and B. Sheik Abdulla

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Solar Power Based Single Phase Seven Level Invertor

S. Shanmugavalli, N. Vinothini

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Design and Implementation Multiphase DC-DC Converters for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

K. Suresh, Dr. R. Arulmozhiyal, B. Sathyaseelan

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A Novel Approach for Soil Testing using Embedded System

D. Rupa, B. Arunmohan Raj, K. Gowtham, R. Raashmi, Dr. R. Gopalakrishnan

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Optimisation of Two Area Power System Using Differential Evaluation Algorithm

D. Lakshmi, R. Zahira

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Conversion of Plastic Wastes into Hydrocarbon Fuels

R. Boopathy Pradeep, R. Balakrishnan, A. Dinesh, S. Saravanan

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Some Aspects of Future Power System Scenario

V. Jayalakshmi, G. Devipriya, Mr. A. Alaudeen

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Solar Energy Collection using Spherical Sun Power Generater

M. Devaraj, S. Shanmuga Priyan

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A Review of Smart Grid Technology Transmission and Distribution

R. Murali, S. Saravanakumar, B.S. Parthasarathi, G. Subramaniam

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Multi-port Power Electric Interface for Renewable Energy Sources

M. Devaraj, P. Kirupanantham, K. Jayakumar

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A Case Study: Energy Hub

S. Vigneswari, B. Priyadharshini, R. Monisha, S. Rajendran

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A Novel Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Switches using Fuzzy Controller

R. Venkatesh, Dr. S. Senthil Kumar

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Wireless E-Voting System

M. Lavanya, S. Divya Bharathi, R. Elavarasi, T. Hariharan

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Ungrounded Aircraft Power System Protection

Kabilarmani B, Lalith Kumar V, Jamir Ahamathu J, T. Hariharan

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Review of Renewable Energy Resources

M. Priyadharshini, R. Saravanan, S. Ramya

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Analysis of Multi Rated Induction Motor

Lavanya .S, Lakshmi Brindha .P, Kausalya .A, A. Alaudeen

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