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Abstract: In our country energy crashes is the main trouble for the development for the farmers that may be in the terms of petroleum energy conventional energy like coal etc. Looking to the view of present scenario of energy demand and supply such a model is designed which will be useful for farmers in the field of cultivation. There are many different types of Crop Cultivator in the market which are either imported from other countries like China and are very costly and petroleum based. In order to reduce the expenses of farmers these designs facilitate the farmer to reduce the production cost and overcome the dependency of petroleum product. Multi crop cutter using Solar energy design to work is first step towards the use of non- conventional energy which is totally pollution free. These model gives economical, vibration free and rigid and maintenance free design for economically backward class of farmers. Since, there is no diesel/petrol base engine to move the blades which are used for cutting. In these paper different models are compared with our model.

 Keyword: Crop cutting, harvesting, reaper, scissoring action, Fabrication

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.8505

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