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Abstract: The Smart Placement Co-Ordinator Android application is available for portable devices. The Android program is simple and user-friendly and it aids college students in planning their placement activities. The application is made up of three essential components: Student, Company, and Placement Cell. This application can be used to handle data about students and employers for placement by the college placement cell. The application also makes it possible for the placement cell to view comments made by companies that come to the college to recruit students, including input on the institution's hospitality, the plans for placements, the students' skills and employability, etc. The application gives students access to details about the business visiting college for placements. Because the student can only see the list of positions for which he/she is eligible to apply, there is less clutter. The application enables the learner to submit an application for the job as well. Every time a visiting company advertises its job requirements, the qualified students will be contacted by SMS. The application allows organizations that come to the university to recruit to post details about their business, job descriptions, and requirements. Employers have the ability to offer feedback on the college hiring process.

Keywords: Android, mobile, placement, business, Short Message Service.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10716

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