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Abstract: Matrix Converters (MC) are reduced voltage source converters equipped for giving variable voltage variable recurrence at the yield. Contrasted and customary topologies the MC does not require a middle of the road dc interface and furnishes sinusoidal yield waveform with least higher request music. To yield higher RMS O/P voltage, it is proposed to utilize Space Vector Modulation (SVM) calculation for the voltage control of converter. This calculation utilizes a less complex technique than the other control calculations to control the info power factor. Also, it has lower exchanging misfortunes and simple execution. Reproduction has been executed for different yield frequencies at solidarity info power factor. The recreation aftereffects of yield voltage waveforms are given their spectra.

Keywords: Matrix Converters (MC), Space Vector Modulation (SVM), RMS O/P voltage, Rotor Speed (RPM)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7603

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