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Abstract: As we know greenhouse parameters monitoring and controlling plays a very important role for quality production of crops. The purpose of this paper is to design a simple Raspberry Pi 3 based circuit to continuously watch & read the values of Soil moisture, Humidity, Temperature and light of the environment that are constantly changed and controlled in order to get maximum development of plant. In this paper we present a system to monitor soil quality with the help of wireless sensor nodes. The data is acquired from each sensor used in this system. In past Attention was needed for a farmer to protect his field from different disasters caused either by human or by nature. Efforts of human are not sufficient and also farmer has to pay for manpower. Here we are using few sensors to monitor the field are Temperature sensor, Humidity Sensor, Soil Moisture sensor to check whether the field is dry or wet and a LDR to verify the lighting at that place. This system maintains the soil quality which is required to grow the particular crop properly.

By using this system, the farmer can Predict & Analyze the greenhouse parameters. Tomatoes & Brinjals these two crops are selected for the prediction & Analysis. Two samples of crops are taken and the system had been verified for these crops in greenhouse environment. Finally, total power consumption and total expenditures consumed per year is estimated for controlling devices. Because of this the farmers will be able to predict the total amount for controlling action of crops for next year. By using this system, it is seen that with controlling action the product quality & quantity is increased than crops grows without controlling action.

Keywords: IoT, Controlling Devices, Wireless sensor network, Raspberry-Pi

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.8501

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