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Abstract: Modern day agriculture suffers from various ailments in all spheres involved in it such as water scarcity, water wastage, lesser yield without surplus, and lack of proper fertilizers and manure. To solve the issue of water wastage and ensure judicious usage of water resources, the Smart Sprinkler System is an innovation brought to agricultural sciences and engineering by electronics and electrical engineering streams. Irrigation was a huge breakthrough in agriculture that paved the way for establishing crop and paddy fields at various regions where water from rivers ceased to cross and flow. But this also led to a huge exploitative usage of water and unnecessary flooding. This has caused great scarcity of freshwater sources on earth, which worryingly constitute just 3% of the total water level present on earth. In order to combat this ever-growing problem of unrestricted consumption of our freshwater supply, various private and government backed research projects are being funded and implemented in most countries. The question is how electronics engineering, electrical engineering and telecommunications can prove beneficial to solving an issue pertaining to the fields of biotechnology, hydrology and agricultural engineering and pure sciences. Also, the final product design needs to be cost efficient and equipped with good affordability for the customers, in this case being farmers and environment conservationists.

Keywords: Smart Sprinkler System, Biotechnology, Freshwater Supply, Hydrology, telecommunications, Agricultural Engineering, Flooding, Cross And Flow.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10323

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