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Abstract: The transformer oil insulation aging is deteriorating due to stresses. The life span of the transformer depends upon the various (parameters) factors i.e. Transformer oil Insulation, Paper insulation etc. The main objective is to analyse the transformers from various locations of the rating 12.5-20 MVA from different sub-stations located in Punjab .We have collected the data of 12.5-20 MVA power transformers from different sub-stations. We quest that the different parameters i.e. breakdown voltage, dielectric strength, resistivity, moisture, Tan-Delta and Flash Point are influences the age of the transformer. We showed it in pictorial way that how all the parameters influence aging of transformer in the graphical measures. From the different readings and testing reports we analyse the prediction of transformer oil. If we check the oil timely then the assessment of aging can be improved effectively up to 40-45 years.

Keywords: Breakdown Voltage, Dielectric Strength, Resistivity, Moisture, Tan-Delta, Flash Point

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7808

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