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Abstract: Different color patterns of Quick Response (QR) codes, such as RGB, grayscale, and binary QR codes, are widely used in applications. In this paper, we propose a novel XOR-Based Visual Secret Sharing (VSS) scheme using grayscale QR codes as cover images and binary QR code as secret image. First, all the code words of the secret QR code image are encoded into  temporary binary QR code images, which are substituted for the second significant bit planes of the grayscale QR code cover images to generate  shares. Each share is a grayscale QR code image, which can be decoded by a standard QR code decoder, so that it may not attract the attention of potential attackers when distributed in the public channel. The secret image can be recovered by XORing the code words regions of QR codes which are extracted from the second significant bit planes of the grayscale shares. More importantly, the proposed scheme is robust to JPEG compression, addition of different noises, rotation, resizing, and cropping, which is useful in practice. The effectiveness and robustness of our scheme are shown by the experimental results. The application of QR code is suitable for wireless multimedia data security.

Keywords: QR Codes, (N, N) Threshold XOR-Based VSS, Visual Cryptography

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7801

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