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Abstract: Electricity plays a vital role in both day to day life of people and the economic development of a nation. Though the demand and generation of electric power have kept on increasing at comet’s pace, maintaining systems’ reliability has been an issue we are struggling with today. To ensure a sustainable supply of electricity and energy security, the efficient management of the electricity distribution network through the use of intelligent devices that can monitor and control power flows in real time has become necessary. In order to bring efficiency and sustainability in the electricity distribution sector, automation of the same using SCADA system is mentioned in this paper; wherein components of the SCADA systems, its operating principle, advantages, disadvantages and other applications are also explained. The overall objective of this paper is to ensure 24*7 stable supply of electricity to all consumers, reduce losses and equipment failure rate, and increase the efficiency of the systems through automation of distributed power systems using SCADA system.

Keywords: Distribution Systems, SCADA, RTU, RMU, FRTU, Master Controller

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7204

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