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Abstract: Clean water is continually wanted for human residing. due to pollutants, we frequently want to purify water. One manner to do so is the use of the opposite osmosis machine. A mathematical version for the opposite osmosis system has been acquired. in this paper, we display the significance of numerical strategies in fixing the opposite osmosis version. in particular, we cognizance on the application of numerical integration techniques inside the process of solving the model. We recall three kinds of rules in numerical integration, specifically, the Riemann sums, the trapezoidal rule and the Simpson's rule. We present our studies results of those 3 rules referring to the fixing procedure of our reverse osmosis version. The Simpson's rule is the maximum correct, as it has the best order of accuracy in contrast to the Riemann sums and the trapezoidal rule. Our major point in this studies is that the numerical integration has an essential role in fixing the opposite osmosis version.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10204

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