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Abstract: Solid-State Transformer (SST) provides versatile power system operation. In the smart world, there are technologies where everything is incorporated that reduce the size and eventually save time in delivering a fast process. It has been seen that solid-state transformer voltage begins to decrease during operation that needs to be regulated through some control strategy. In this paper, a Dual Active Bridge (DAB) converter has been used to control the voltage of SST that employs the Single-Phase Shift (SPS) technique. For further efficiency improvement Co73(Si, B)27 co-amorphous material has been used for the core of SST because co-amorphous alloy has much lower loss compared with Fe-amorphous cores and have limited saturation flux density. Real-time parameters of core have been used in the analysis. It has been evident from the results that DAB dc-dc converter-based SST with SPS control technique is simple and offers better performance compared to stand-alone SST. It improves the overall performance and efficiency of the system. This paper has been accomplished in Matlab® / Simulink environment.

Keywords: Co73 (Si, B)27 Amorphous Core Material; Solid-State transformer (SST); Dual Active Bridge (DAB); High voltage (HV) Application.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.81007

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