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Abstract: For our day-to-day life, security and authentication of persons, especially in bank lockers is important. Security in banks is necessary as we grow individualities and achieve numerous effects vital for each person, similar as essential documents, jewelry, particular goods, and more, we need an acceptable security. From the ancient mechanical effects to the world of current electronics, the world has changed a lot. . It is not enough to have these accessories, but security of this is veritably important, for this purpose we keep them in a bank locker. Still, we hear or read in a review that some fake person has access the locker of another person and have stolen plutocrat. In order to overcome this type of frauds, authentication of the person who wants to use the locker is really important. To overcome this security Breach, a security system has been proposed using voice identification, face detection and GSM technology.

Keywords: GSM, ESP8266, OTP

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10302

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