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Abstract: In the digital world it would be cool to make a robot which obeys human speech commands and perform tasks. It will be very much fun if we can control robot with our speech. There are movies like iron man where he makes himself a totally different network for himself which is overrated. The idea of making this came from a movie called I robot, here the people uses robots for the help just by giving commands. The reason we chose voice was there are robots which work on gestures and line robots. But the voice control we used overcomes the flaws in these other ones. Voice recognition technology is made possible for the computer to analyze and follow the voice command and to understand human languages. Although there are many robots designed on touch and other devices aiding on control, the control over voice with ease of operation is left untouched. The main intention is to make a gateway for simple operation for the automation in voice controlled robot. As a solution, the robot with voice control is designed in the paper by combining the speech recognition technique with the help of LABVIEW programming concepts. The appropriate control signal for the robot will be provided by the LABVIEW. The usage of LABVIEW for the interpretation of voice signals makes the research easier compared to other sound-based robot control system.

Keywords: Speech command, Voice control, Voice recognition, LABVIEW.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.101211

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