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Abstract: The main purpose of this project is to stop vehicle from larceny. Today vehicle thefts square measure increasing extremely. This practicality is earned by detection vehicle standing in theft mode and by causing an SMS that is generated mechanically exploitation GSM. This will apprise the owner of the vehicle. Therefore, during this vehicle burglaries are often reduced to a great extent as vehicles these days square measure being taken in large range. Hence, vehicles these days requires high security system which may be earned.
This paper presents a good anti-theft vehicle security system that integrates Global Positioning System (GPS), world System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Biometrics technologies (i.e., fingerprint) for user identification and authentication. Fingerprint device captures the fingerprint pictures, and matches the distinctiveness of every print scan by the device and compares it to the one keeps in its module or native system database. A vehicle pursuit system that works exploitation GPS and GSM technology, which would be the most cost-effective supply of auto pursuit and it might work as anti-theft system.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10453

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