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Abstract: The goal of this project is to model, analyse, and simulate a small-scale wind/PV hybrid power generating system. Many characteristics, such as pitch angle, rotor diameter, wind speed, and others, are considered while modelling a wind turbine. The PV module is then modelled under realistic variables like cell temperature and solar radiation. The mathematical model for a small scale horizontal axis wind turbine and PV system is solved using a MATLAB computer tool. A small-scale wind turbine with a 500 W permanent magnet synchronous generator was used for the experiment. A PV panel with 36 monocrystalline silicon cells linked in series and rated at 50 W was employed. The load uses energy, according to the results. A PV panel of 36 mono crystalline silicon cells linked in series and capable of generating 50 W of rated power was employed. The load absorbs power from both systems, but in various operational situations, such as variations in solar radiation and wind speed, there is an excess and a deficit of power supply.

Keywords: Battery, wire, solar plate, Bearing, Inverter

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10463

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