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Abstract: The impact of climate change on annual air temperature has received a great deal of attention by scholars worldwide. Many studies have been conducted to illustrate that changes in annual temperature is becoming evident on a global scale. This study focuses on detecting trends in annual temperature for the five major city regions in the India. For this study, the widely used modified Mann-Kendall test was run at 5% significance level on time series data for each of five major city regions for the time period, 1982 to 2018. Mann-Kendall trend statistics is used to show the trend and Sen’s estimator of slope is used to depict the magnitude of the trend. Lastly, a simple co-relation among the weather variables has been done to show the impact of temperature in changing hydrological conditions of the Country.

Keywords: Rainfall Trend, Season, Mann-Kendall Trend Statistics, Sen’s Slope, Cross-correlation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7404

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