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Abstract: The process of college practical management is tedious. When the practical is created that time all the students gather together around the teacher and teacher tells the concept of practical that is too be performed. This makes students uncomfortable with situations many of the students are not visible, many of them do not get the concept because of disturbance and standing too long, this makes the students to loosen the interest in learning the practical concept. Just to overcome this sort of problem, the proposed application is been developed. By the use of this application i.e. screen sharing the screen of the teacher can be seen on each and every student’s computer this will make the students comfortable with the practical session. Each and every student will get the concept clearly. Due to screen sharing function the teaching and learning skills will be improve in the college. After the teacher starts the screen sharing session, students can get connected with the session on the approval from teacher. After the session gets over the teacher can willingly make MCQ Questions for the students and on the bases of this MCQ’s the attendance of the students will be marked. If the student has any problem or doubt with the practical session he/she can personally get screen sharing with teacher’s computer and clear the doubt. This doubt session will be only within the teacher and the student who has the doubt, it will not affect the other students in the laboratory. The proposed application not only provides the screen sharing facility but it also provides the “Question and Answer Blog”, “Events Picture Sharing”, different log-in facility for teacher, students and HOD (Head Of Department), etc.

Keywords: Distributed System, Networking, Peer to Peer Networking, Recorder, Server Socket, Client Socket, Screen Sharing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2018.61112