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Abstract: Nowadays, in variety of applications such as industrial, automation industry, agriculture processes increasingly involve the production of highly dangerous substances, particularly hazardous gas which can create a potential hazardous to the humans. If we inhale the hazardous gas it can cause serious health impacts, unconsciousness and even death. Hence proper precaution measures should be taken for accurately detecting the hazardous gas to avoid the endangering of human lives. In this paper, an Intelligent Electronic Nose is developed for continuous monitoring of hazardous gas in sewerage plant. Sewer manhole is one of the most important part of sewer system. A continuous monitoring of the hazardous gases emitted by this system is an essential one. The measured gas level reaches the threshold level, an immediate rectifying activity has to be taken to prevent the human deaths. Hence, a WSN based embedded system is designed with various gas sensors which monitors and send an early warning signal to the concern person through a mobile app.

Keywords: Electronic nose, Hazardous gas, WSN,Gas sensors

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.8513

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