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Abstract: A mobile embedded system is implemented in this project to observe the quality of load current, frequency, voltage and temperature of a power substation. Integration of a microcontroller, different sensors and global service mobile (GSM) modem is installed at the transformer site and above key parameters are observed. With the help of analog to digital converter parameters are processed and stored in system memory. Any disastrous failure occurs the system sends a SMS to the mobile phone according to predefined values given by microcontroller. Hence helps in smooth functioning of power substation Through this project, it can be determined whether the load shedding is happening, how the output power will be turned off when the voltage is high, and if the frequency is low, then the output load will stop.

We have designed a project through this project we will be able to determine the voltage current and frequency very easily and by measuring through these units we will learn how load shedding or high voltage is determined considering these aspects depending on these units we have a project Designed if ever the voltage becomes high the output will power off if beyond a certain amperage if more ampere load is taken then the output will power off if the frequency is decreasing still the output power will be off. It has been made so that anyone can make it and use it. Special attention has also been paid to ensure that no project is bought from abroad and brought to this country or any machine brought from abroad is not used in this country. Another thing to note is that the authorities will get an instant SMS through a GSM model with variation of the output and will know when a system has been turned off or on.

Keywords: Arduino, Real time monitor, voltage controller, GSM.

M. N. H. Nahid, M.S. Ahmed, N. Masud,"Substation Monitoring and Control Using GSM", IJIREEICE International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, vol. 12, no. 3, 2024, Crossref 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2024.12308.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2024.12308

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