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Abstract: In past decades, many vending machines have been made which provide different types of products within different numbers of selections. They are divided into Medic vending machines, Food vending machines, chocolate vending machines and many other forms of drinks vending machines. In the concern of medical field, up till this 21st century, we are not able to provide first aid kits at all over places like schools, stations, and many more areas which are still under up-gradation. In those circumstances we are implementing a Medic vending machine, so people can easily dispense first aid items as well as all the necessary medicines for the person who needs immediate attention. If looking to the food and beverage sector many more vending machines are there to dispense chocolate, drinks and any type of food items. Food vending machines do not include any vending machine dispensing only canned or bottled soft drinks or prepackaged food that does not require temperature control for safety. And presently, most of the vending machines started to become Automatic and Solar powered. For automatic vending machines, there is no need for manual controls. So, people can easily dispense products from these machines while working. Talking about solar powered vending machine there is not only solar energy but also electricity is used on demand.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.101212

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