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Abstract: The main theme of this prototype project is  to have a knowledge on wireless power  transmitter and receiver. In this project we are going to used to know concept such as resonant inductive coupling method, for the transmission of electrical energy between the coil. The source for the electrical energy generated form solar panel in a process like the cell on the solar panel are made of photovoltaic cells which convert the heat energy( ultraviolet energy) from the sun into electrical energy which is totally free of cost, since it’s a nature resource(sun).After that electrical energy pumped into the inductive coil and other coil is placed at least minimum of 10cm ,then power coil produced may even passes through the wall because there are high frequency pulses.We are using solar panel with rating of 12v and it can generate 0.6Amp current.

In addition to it, we are using rechargeable battery for the backing up. We are using microcontroller in remote to control light to energized or de-energized like one of its acts like an encoder and other as a decoder. As for the efficiency terms wireless power system is not good because it can generate huge electro-magnetic fields. As we know that how coil things work in practical world it can absorb only 70% energy in the state of closure (gap between them).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10312

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