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Abstract: The paper aims at developing an advanced Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) which helps in free and a fair way of conducting elections employing biometrics in order to avoid rigging and to enhance the accuracy and speed of the process. The design of a solar powered EVM prototype is efficient and allows the user a relief from the laborious act of vote collection and counting. Furthermore, it also removes the errors from the system, since it is a digital device. One of the biggest concerns of EVM is the security system which includes insider threats, network vulnerability and challenges to auditing. To limit these issues the prototype has been developed with a finger print sensor module so as to avoid any malpractices. As a pre-poll procedure, a database consisting of the thumb impressions of all the eligible voters in a constituency is created. During elections, the thumb impression of a voter is entered as input to the system. This is then compared with the available records in the database. If the pattern matches with anyone in the available record, access to cast a vote is granted. But in case the pattern doesn’t match with the records of the database or in case of repetition, access to cast a vote is denied or the vote gets rejected. All the voting machines are connected in a network, through which data transfer takes place to the main host through Internet of Things (IOT).

Keywords: EVM, biometric, solar power, ARM 7 Microcontroller, IOT.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2018.6117

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