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Abstract: A method for authenticating drivers and identifying vehicles as part of the development of smart cities. It contains a centralized database where all of the approved cars are kept, as well as Unique Id vehicle tags. A vehicle is given the Unique Id tag. Identification of vehicles is simple to perform. The monitoring of the driving license system is a major duty of the government. While the traffic cops are inspecting the paperwork, there are numerous illicit operations. Both sides will commit the crime (people and police). To solve this issue, the traffic police are given access to a further Smart-No module that is coupled with a centralized database that houses the data from person licenses (DLs). If the user selected Smart-No, the software would inform you if they held a valid license or not. This may be accomplished by connecting the centralized database and the vehicle information.

Keywords: AWS S3 Service, Smart No, Unique VehicleID tag

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10714

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