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Abstract: Electricity is very important in today's world and substation monitoring is a key concept in making the system reliable. The proposed work uses a system based on to get the quick, cost-effective, and reliable monitoring, display, storage, and analysis of sensor data. Conventionally, PLCs and SCADA systems are used to monitor substations, but for a small substation, this is prohibitively expensive and not feasible. This project adopts low-cost monitoring solutions based on IoT technology incorporating the microcontroller Arduino for remote monitoring of an 11 kV substation. The project aims to make the pole-mounted substation a smart one by using IoT to monitor the various electrical parameters. It uses IoT technology integrated with the cloud for remote monitoring and alarming for different faults in pole-mounted substations. The quality and continuity of electrical supply are becoming a more and more important issue. The user costs due to a supply interruption are relevant and depend on the duration of the interruption. In the distribution section of the power system, more specifically at the utilization level, when a fault occurs, the supply authority would know only if someone in the locality inform them about the fault. Moreover, occurring of faults or other related issues not only causes economical loss but is also dangerous and causes accidents. This project aims to reduce this long interruption of electrical power. One of the ways that this aim can be achieved is by monitoring different parameters of pole-mounted substations and providing real-time status about the substation to the supply authority. With this, the supply authority will get informed as soon as possible and thereby can take the action against the fault or undesirable conditions. To achieve this goal, the functions of equipment will be provided with sensing devices to measure different parameters. The alarm is sent to both main substation control rooms and displayed in visual signaling in HMI on the web via the wireless communication channel. It uses IoT as a monitor, and communication technology.

Keywords: Monitoring, Cloud, Fuse status, GSM, Alert.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10459

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