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Abstract: Garbage waste monitoring, collection and management is one of the primary concerns of the present era not only in india but in other countries also, due to its detrimental effects on environment. The traditional way of manually monitoring and collecting the garbage is a time consuming process as it requires considerable human effort and time leading to higher cost. In this paper, an IoT based garbage monitoring system using Thingspeak, an open IoT platform is presented. The system consists of some electronic equipments like an Arduino microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor, a load cell and a Wi-Fi module. The Arduino microcontroller receives data from the ultrasonic sensor and load cell. The depth of the garbage in the bin is measured using ultrasonic sensor and the weight of the bin with garbage is measured from the load cell. The Wi-Fi module transmits the above data to the internet. An open IoT platform Thingspeak is used to monitor the garbage system. With this system, the administrator can monitor and schedule garbage collection more efficiently. Further details are presented below-

Keywords: Internet of Things, Arduino microcontroller, Wi-Fi modem, Ultrasonic sensors, Waste monitoring system.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9547

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