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Abstract: This paper focused is on dynamic response of wind power generation, nowadays wind generation is taken into account as alternate to traditional fuel power plants. It’s attracting more attention,as quite half this turbine capacity has been installed within the past the decades. A Maximum point Tracking (MPPT) control technique is presented for extracting the utmost power from the turbine. The high passive filter to extract the present harmonics with low stop frequency is in a position to compensate an unbalance load, but the dynamic response are going to be slow, for this reason, the Multi- Variable Filter (MVF) is in a position to compensate highly unbalance load without affecting the dynamic response of the system. The inverter allows full control of dc bus voltage regulation, and it acts as power transfer from the turbine to the grid and to the load. The MVF filter is employed to estimate a fundamental voltage source which provides excellent performance when the voltage source is distorted. This will be done through simulation and hardware under various values of the wind speed of the turbine .
Key wards: MVF, CWVO, DWIG, PMSG

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9514

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