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Abstract: The project proposes designing of robust railway crack detection using IR sensor assembly for railway track geometry surveying system by detecting the cracks on railway tracks. Most of the accidents in the train are caused due the cracks in the railway track, which cannot be easily identified. The two IR sensors are installed at front end of inspection robot which monitors the track and gives the status to Arduino controller. The proposed broken rail detection system automatically detects the faulty railway track without any human interference. There are many advantages with the proposed system when compared to the traditional detective techniques. The advantages include less cost, low power consumption and less analysis me and also facilitate be era safety standards for railway tracks and provide effective testing infrastructure. Most of the commercial transport is being carried out by the railway network and therefore, any problems in the same has the capacity to induce major damage to the economy-not withstanding the social impact of loss of life or limb. This project presents a cost effective yet robust solution to the problem of railway crack detection utilizing a method that is unique in the sense that while it is simple, the idea is completely novel.. The project also presents the details of the implementation results of the utilizing simple components inclusive of IR LED-PHOTODIODE based crack detector assembly. The currently existing technical solutions in the detection of cracks in rails involve periodic maintenance coupled with occasional monitoring the inspection methods like are visual inspection, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current and laser methods.

Keywords: Arduino, IR Sensors, GSM Module, GPS Module, Relay Module.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2023.11103

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