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Abstract: The Power System is getting advanced day by day. Also, to meet the load demand, many types of equipment like generators, transformers, motors, etc are added to the system. With the addition of all this equipment. Analysis of the load flow study based on bus data, line data, source data and load data. based on this study we know about voltage magnitude, voltage angle, real/reactive power, current flow and power losses in the system. we also perform a short circuit study, based on this data we check device duty and verify short circuit ratings of switchgear, based on the short circuit result we perform relay coordination. Relay coordination determines the relay settings to give adequate operating time at max & min fault levels, protect the equipment from damage during a fault situation, and isolate a faulty part. So that’s the reason we study load flow analysis, short circuit analysis and relay coordination, to improve the system efficiency and the operation during fault conditions, all studies are performed on ETAP.

Keywords: Load Flow, Short Circuit, Relay Coordination, Power System Analysis

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10440

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