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Abstract: The Existing domestic Energy meter reading systems universally exist many problems, such as difficulty in construction, too narrow bandwidth, too low rate, poor real  time,  not  two  way  communication  quickly  etc.  To solve   above   problems,   this   paper   uses   the   wireless technology   for   Automatic   Meter   Reading   and   billing System.      This      proposed      method      provides      the communication between the Electricity Board section and the  consumer  section  using  Internet  of  Things  (IOT)  for transmitting  the  customer’s  electricity  consumption  and bill  information  that  is  calculated  using  Arduino.  The information  regarding  the  bill  and  payment  details  are communicated  to  the  consumer  via  GSM (Global  System for  Mobile communication).  The electricity consumption details and billing information is continuously transmitted and monitored by the Electricity Board section.

Keywords: Arduino Mega (microcontroller), IOT, GSM900, Wi-Fi module, Web server

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7208

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