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Abstract: Despite the fact that each person's face is unique, their expressions tell the same story and play a significant influence in determining an individual's emotions and behaviour. Music is the most pure form of art and a vehicle of expression, with a stronger emotional connection. It has a unique ability to improve one's mood. This project system uses facial recognition algorithms to generate an effective music player that is based on the user's sentiment. The retrieved face features will be used to create a system, reducing the time and effort required to do it manually. Facial data is recorded using a camera. The emotion module use deep learning techniques to detect the precise mood with a specific term The system's mood identification module has an accuracy of over 80% for real-time movies, while static images have an accuracy of 95 to 100%. As a result, time and performance precision are improved.

Keywords: Computer Vision, Deep Learning Techniques, Face Recognition, Emotion and Mood Detection, Mood Extraction Module, Computer Vision

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10477

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