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Abstract: This paper proposes a solar PV connected into the single-phase grid connected system with Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) for tracking the Global maximum peak point. Boost converter is connected to the grid for energy management system. This proposed scheme provides output with improved power quality under the nonlinear load conditions. Program analysis was implemented to find the peak point under various temperature and radiations. The output of the grid voltage and current can be monitored and compared with inverter output. Depends on the change in voltage and current the duty cycle of the dc-dc converter will change by HS algorithm. This proposed work involves PV panels connected in series to track the maximum peak point. The time varying radiation and temperature are fed as the inputs to the PV panel and the normal harmonic search algorithm is used for Maximum Power tracking. It generates a reference PV voltage and from the reference voltage, an optimum duty cycle (β) for the maximum peak is generated. The optimal duty cycle ratio will gives the required output power under nonlinear conditions.

Keywords: MPPT, Harmonic search Algorithm, Solar Power, Boost converter

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7605

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