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Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the different type of sensors used in car. The sensor technology is something that is becoming more and more popular. It has also been implemented in cars. There are different types of sensors in modern cars. Approximately, 60 to 200 sensors are being used in a modern car. Sensors make the car operate very easily and identify the problems in a very short time. Different sensors serve different tasks. In this paper, we are going to different types of sensors in cars. We will talk about their functionality. We will also talk about the importance of these sensors. The computer is the real brain if you have a computerized engine control system. It uses the sensors to know what’s happening inside the car. So you know how important car sensors and their functions are.The modern automobile designing can be using different types of sensors. These are arranged into the car engine to recognize & solve possible problems like repairs, servicing, etc. The sensors used in automobiles will check the function of the vehicle. An owner of a vehicle doesn’t know the status of how many sensors are used in their vehicles. There are several largest sensor organizations available worldwide, which can offer an innovative solution to the customers. By using these sensors data we can increase comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Keywords: Sensors, Computerized, Vehicle, Car.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.81103

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