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Abstract: The primary aim of the study was to determine the differences of muscular endurance and muscular strength. Total students 15 Kabaddi and 15 Kho-Kho players participated in the study and their age ranged between 18-30years. The demographic information about Gender, age, daily smoking, drug use, etc. was obtained before seeking responses. The study area was restricted to Marathwada region of Maharashtra Muscular Endurance was evaluated by using 1 minute Bent Knee Sit Up test. Abdominal muscular endurance was measured by performing the 1-minute bent knee sit-up test. The findings of the study indicates that Kabaddi Players was found to have got more Muscular Endurance and Muscular Strength as compare to their counterparts.

Keywords: Muscular endurance,kabaddi, kho-kho players, force development

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.81001

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