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Abstract: A recent survey shows that in this fast-growing economy in most parking systems ,the number of vehicles are always more than the number of available parking slots, thus to fix this problem we propose a “ Multilevel” parking system which reserves a space for parking the vehicles. It provides a comprehensive parking solution both for the user and owner of the parking space. Features are provided for reserving a parking space, authenticating a reserved user, identifying nearest free space. IR sensors are used to identify if a parking is free. RFID tag attached to a vehicle is used to authenticate a user who reserves the parking slot. Using this system user can easily find out the nearest free available parking area . Availability of a free slot with its location information is transmitted using WIFI module technology, microcontroller and wireless communication technology to the server and is retrieved though a mobile application.

Keywords: RFID Tag, Wi-Fi Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Arduino, Servo Motor, Node MCU,RJ45 Cable.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10447

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