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Abstract: We have designed an IoT based fire detection system using Wi-Fi module, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, gas sensor, LDR sensor, rain sensor, motor driver and buzzer. 12-volt power supply is given to Wi-Fi module. Temperature sensor is used to detect the atmospheric temperature value. Rain sensor is used to detect the rainfall. Gas sensor is used to detect the leakage of gas. Vibration sensor is used to detect the vibration value. This device is placed inside the house. If there is fire in the house then the PDLC glass will be changed from transparent to black colour. This message will be sent to android app through firebase server. Then the relay will be switched on then the water pump will be turned on and the water flows on the fire occurred area. If there is nobody in the house if someone tries to open the door then the vibration sensor will send the message to the house owner. Motor driver is used to operate the windows. If there is fire then the outside window will be opened. If the temperature sensor value is high then the water pump will be turned on.

Keywords: smart window, smart glass, home automation, IOT home automation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9509

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