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Abstract: To accomplish productivity in delaying the lifetime of sensor networks numerous plans have been proposed. Among these plans, a bunching convention is an effective strategy that drags out the lifetime of an organisation. Notwithstanding, in applying this technique, a few hubs burn-through energy superfluously as a result of a climate wherein the gathered information of the sensor hubs effectively cover. In this paper we propose a Clustered Multi-hop Routing Algorithm which decreases superfluous information transmission among hubs by barring the duplication of information. This strategy forestalls information misfortune brought about by connect disappointment issue and hence the information is gathered dependably. As indicated by the consequences of the presentation examination, our technique lessens the energy utilisation, expands the transmission proficiency, and delays network lifetime when contrasted with the current bunching strategies.

Keywords: Energy consumption, distributed clustering, Energy aware clustering, isolated nodes

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10451

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