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Abstract: This paper proposes monitoring and protection of electrical load system designed to be integrated in domestic or industrial premises based on Internet-of-Things technologies.  The proposed system enhances electrical safety by fast disconnection of the power supply in case of fault events like leakage current, overcurrent or overvoltage. The system also enables real-time monitoring and notification events through an advanced communication interface using mobiles phones, laptop by accessing the website. In the Energy Management system, the main constraints are accurate metering, energy monitoring and implementation of visual data for consumer load profile. This Project is intended in designing a system at home or industry which monitors the energy consumption of each device, which is designed to calculate the total energy consumption. A server will be created with appropriate channels to monitor the energy consumption from each of the devices respectively. These data will be uploaded to the server at the monitoring end. Considering all these data individual energy load profile for each of the devices is displayed on the web-page. Accordingly, the analysis can be made for the precise usage or energy consumption of each device in order to further reduce the usage of the device which is drawing the maximum amount of energy. These monitoring reports can be remotely accessed and would help consumers to take the required action in order to improvise the energy usage.

Keywords: IOT, Node MCU, Arduino, Cloud server

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.8516

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