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Absract: Recent advances in Internet-of-Thing’s technology have opened the doors to new scenarios for biosensor applications. Flexibility, portability, and remote control and access are of utmost importance to move these devices to people’s homes or enterprises. More external hard drives and pen drives appearing, more issues are reported by users. Also, many users reported that their external hard drive keeps disconnecting in Windows 10. Some specific models also have issues. In case some important data that has been affected by infected files, viruses or malware, surely it will need a good protection. Protect from file loss, malware, hardware failure. In this project, an innovative wireless handheld storage device maned Metal Cloud is a wireless flash disk is presented. Metal Cloud Model include machine learning workloads, query-intensive data warehouses, and ingestion and processing of IoT sensor data. When connected with power supply, can be used as wireless storage. Backup phone contacts and photos. It can back up data to cloud storage providers with the Dashboard software. With that program, one can access their files on the hard drive via the web. No longer have to connect their drive to PCs to transfer data, since the device also supports both Android and iOS. Then users can also transfer files between other cloud services. attach, detach, swap, and edit volumes can be used. The hard drives gives remote file access, extra cloud storage and have handy web backup options. Adding many accounts is used, including multiple accounts of the same service. To keep accounts and files safe, the program has a master password feature. Enable it to keep unauthorized users out and encrypt data with a key before uploading.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10324

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