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Abstract: Many medical errors are due to the fact that people in charge of patient or elder's medication have to deal with sorting huge amounts of pills each day. This paper consists on the conception, design and creation of a pillbox prototype intended to solve this deficiency in the medical area as it has the ability of sorting out the pills by itself as well as many other advanced features, with this device being intended to be used by hospitals or retirement homes.

This medication pill box is focused on patients who frequently take medications or vitamin supplements, or attendants who deal with the more seasoned or patients. Our smart pill box is programmable that enables medical caretakers or clients to determine the pill amount and timing to take pills, and the service times for every day. Our shrewd pills box contains nine separate sub-boxes. At the point when the pill time has been set, the pillbox will remind clients or patients to take pills utilizing sound and light. Contrasted and the conventional pill box that requires clients or attendants to stack the crate each day or consistently. Our shrewd pill box would essentially discharge medical attendants or clients' weight on much of the time preloading pills for patients or clients and overlook the measurements which must be taken.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.101209

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