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Abstract— This project gives an ability to track the boat location in the high sea and warn the fishermen if they cross their country's nautical boundary. This system enables the GPS module to track the location and use a vibration sensor to detect the abnormal wave networks. The data coming from sensors and GPS receiver is transmitted wirelessly using LORA module if the boat is heavily collapsed or crosses the country's nautical boundary. This system involves a GPS that keeps on tracking the location of the boat. When fishermen cross the boundary, they intimate the navy patrol about border crossing boats. The system also consists of an SOS switch for emergency call. The GPS, SOS switch and vibration sensor. Then the motor is stopped by using the motor control when they cross the boundary with navy intimation. If the boat is, collapse the buzzer and high beam LED indicate the emergency to the nearby boats for faster help.

Keywords— Boundary crossing intimation, cyclone alert, Arduino Uno, Arduino IDE.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9503

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