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Abstract :A wildfire is often caused by human activity or sometimes natural phenomenon like lightning or lava.Hence detecting fire during initial stage is vital for preventing such events.Recently huge number of technologies have shown that exploring spatial and temporal features of the sequence is important for this task.Nevertheless,since the long distance smoke usually moves slowly and lacks significant landscapes,accurate smoke prediction and detection is still a challenging task.The objective of this project work is to design and implement an IoT based real-time system which is self-sustaining and would predict and detect the forest fires and sends the exact location to concerned officials which would help fire fighting personnel to extinguish the fire in the location where it starts slowly.It also used a sprinkler which is used to to spray water with a desired pressure.This project presents a low-cost Internet of Things(IoT)prototype for fire detection in outdoor environments based on sensors and Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN),focused on the accuracy in the temperature and gas measurement.For this achievement , we integrated sensor components,microcontroller board, and wireless Zigbee module, following the management of information updates through MATLAB visualization for the alarm and notification settings based on the data gathered from the sensors.

Keywords: MATLAB, microcontroller, IoT, Sensors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9319

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