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Abstract: Line Following is one of the most important aspects of robotics. A Line Following Robot is an autonomous robot which is able to follow either a black line that is drawn on the surface consisting of a contrasting colour. It is designed to move automatically and follow the line. The robot uses arrays of optical sensors to identify the line, thus assisting the robot to stay on the track. The array of two sensor makes its movement precise and flexible. The robot is driven by DC gear motors to control the movement of the wheels. The dc gear motor is driven by the motor driven circuit . This project aims to implement the algorithm and control the movement of the robot by proper tuning of the control parameters and thus achieve better performance.. It can be used industrial automated equipment carriers, small household applications, tour guides in museums and other similar applications, etc.

Keywords: line following , microcontroller, DC gear ,sensors ,optical sensors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9542

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