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Abstract: Industrialization increases the degree of automation and so it increases pollution by releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. There should be a system to monitor and assess the industrial pollution. Specific attention is given to the factors which affects the health of living organisms and Ecosystem. Industrial pollution monitoring is the collection of information at different locations of industries and at regular intervals of time in order to provide the data which may be used to define current conditions. Due to the complexity of parameters large variations are found between different industries. The proposed system aims in building a robust system that can measure the industrial pollution and help to reduce it and to decrease human interference in monitoring the industrial pollution and provide a healthy environment for the workers to work in. The system evaluates the industrial pollution continuously and indicates when there is an increase in the emissions and takes action to control it using wireless technology (i.e) Internet of Things.

KeyWords: PIC Controller (pic16F877A), IOT, LCD, Buzzer, MQ-2 Sensor, MQ-6 Sensor, DHT22 Sensor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2023.11309

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