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Abstract: In the present arena, wildlife and forest departments face the matter of movement of animals from forest area to residential district. The number of trees has reduced drastically from the forest that makes an unhealthy environment for animals to survive within the forest. It has been found in a survey that 80% losses are caused due to fire and another big problem is smuggling. This could have been avoided if these activities was detected in the early stages. This project proposes a system for tracking and alerting the personnel for the protection of trees against forest fires and smuggling. Nowadays IOT (Internet of Things) devices and sensors allow the monitoring of different environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity, motion etc. Arduino platform based IOT enabled fire and smuggling detector and monitoring system is that the solution to the present problem. In this project we have built fire detector using Arduino NANO which is interfaced with a flame, temperature, tilt and vibration sensor and a buzzer. In order to implement this project, we will be using GSM which is used to provide the final SMS to the user through the given number in the simulation program, flame sensor which is used to denote fire that will be displayed in the LCD Display, tilt and vibration sensor which is used to denote the smuggling movement and will be detected in the LCD display. This will be initiated only when the obtained values exceeds the pre-defined value. Whenever a fire occurs, the system automatically senses and alerts the user by sending an SMS to the user and that location can be seen using google maps application.

Keywords: IoT, GSM, LCD, Arduino, Sensors

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9405

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