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Abstract: In this paper, one of the criteria to measure student learning outcomes is to ensure consistency. Generally, attendance at school or university is shown by calling your name or registration number to show your attendance in the register. Practice maintains a diary to track student and practice component usage. Either way it takes time and you have to work with more documents. As a result, educational institutions have begun to use biometrics-based student attendance grading systems such as wireless technology and fingerprint reading. Face recognition with RFID tags. In the current situation due to Covid-19 infection, fever check is very important for students to be able to attend the course. In addition to facial recognition, we brought up the idea that a temperature test was added to the attendance scoring system. The system is designed using an ultrasonic sensor, an infrared temperature sensor and a camera module that is interfaced with the Arduino. This way, at the time the automatic attendance is displayed, the system can scan each student to identify potential Covid-19 patients.

Keywords: Image capturing and Notification, Body temperature sensor, Node MCU, Arduino Uno, Safety and Security.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9566

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